All In by Batterson

all inThink of a sermon. Think of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God – like sermon where the pastor just goes off. Non-stop attacking sin and complacency. If it were a 200 page book it would look exactly like this one.

All In
Mark Batterson
September 2013

Batterson, well known for his previous books, especially on prayer, hits the ground running in this book calling Christians to move past complacency and a lackadaisical attitude towards their faith and calls us to live like we actually believe what we say we do. Every page reads like an aggressive attack exemplifying the point: we should be attacking sin and fighting for the Kingdom of God with every breath and every word.

But we really don’t, do we? With books like Radical by David Platt and Not a Fan (and Gods at War) by Kyle Idleman it’s clear that the church recognizing the sleepiness of American Christianity but is anyone listening? Sales suggest yes. I recommend yes. But like so many before Batterson, including way back to Paul, complacency is a characteristic of fallen mankind.

Still, a message that should be read again and again until like sparks a fire is finally built.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.