Agent to the Stars by Scalzi

agentTom Stein is an agent about to make his first big splash, but it’s not when he gets an incredible contract for his beautiful, but ditzy beach blonde star Michelle. No. It’s when he becomes the exclusive agent to the Yherajk, space aliens who are intent on introducing themselves to the Earth via Hollywood.

Agent to the Stars
By John Scalzi
Read by Wil Wheaton
Tor / Audible
December 2010

The Yherajk have learned everything they know about Earth from television. So they know all about sitcoms, dramas, and comedies. They also know about science fiction, especially how aliens that aren’t bipedal humanoids are almost always bad guys. They don’t want to be bad guys or perceived as bad guys. Hence, Tom.

The biggest problems that the Yherajk have is their appearance – as see through blobs – and their incredibly foul smell – they communicate naturally through smell, not sight or speech. Tom’s job is to find a way to get the humans of Earth to accept the Yherajk in spite of the differences.

I won’t spoil this odd plot with the solution. It is solved, one way or another, but that’s not even the point of this story, which peters out and ends pretty quickly. The silliness and spoofiness of the story are what compels the reader, or listener, to continue and finish. It is fun!

This was my first book read of John Scalzi. It won’t be my last. While the plot wasn’t much more than a set up for an odd buddy adventure, the characters shine. Thomas Stein is well developed. His boss and secretary are both interesting. The main alien Joshua is sarcastic. The highest praise I can give this book is that it held my attention from start to finish. That’s high praise in a world with so many uninteresting books out there.

A NOTE ABOUT THE AUDIO VERSION: Wil Wheaton is one of my favorite readers. This is my second book with his narration and both have been very well done. He does a great job with fast paced, witty scripts. I’m not sure if he does anything outside of science fiction, but if he doesn’t I’ll be happy to continue to listen to him in just this genre. He makes it work.

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