Admiral by Danker

Admiral“Admiral?” I blinked, taken aback… “I’ll be damned,” I said gazing at it.”I’ve been promoted…”(p5* galley; subject to change).

An Evagardian Novel
by Sean Danker
May 2016

The Admiral awakes on ship he shouldn’t be on, with a title he didn’t remember having, with three trainees who shouldn’t be there, somewhere they shouldn’t be in space and apparently alone. It looks like someone sabotaged things on the ship, and one of the trainees in particular thinks it is the “Admiral.” Not only does he need to figure out where they are, what they are doing there, and how they got there but also stave off the trainee and keep them all from panicking.

The frantic pace of this book takes the reader from problem to problem, from possible solution to another problem. It harkens back to the very best intentions of survival horror or apocalyptic stories where a small band of survivors try to save themselves with limited time and resources. Like the first few episodes of Stargate Universe, where the ship needed life supporting power, then water and food, then location and so on, this story moves from location to location and just when we think there is a solution, things change for the worst.

The general lack of understanding of the characters and who they are drives the story rather than hinders it. Especially the Admiral, who has secrets very early on but aren’t explained to the reader until the end. Unlike some survival stories that stick with a single genre this book moves from that genre to others in a universe that the author builds thoroughly and well. By the end readers are ready for a sequel that will be a much different type of book than this one, but with a hero they can get behind.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

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