A Shot of Faith to the Head by Stokes

Our culture is dominated by challengers to faith in Christianity and God and reasoned voices in response seem to be silent. How is a Christian supposed to answer non-believing critics that don’t even speak their same language? Apologetics is about defending the faith, not about evangelizing atheists. Enter philosophy.

A Shot of Faith to the Head
By Mitch Stokes, PhD
Thomas Nelson
April 2012

While it seems like Christians have no response – if you simply rely on the secular media – in reality, which is to say the marketplace of ideas, Christians not only have a response but the right response. Stokes takes one step then another in a devastating deconstruction of philosophical evidentialism (the idea that a belief must be supported by evidential facts to be rational), which atheists and philosophical non-believers try to use to show faith in God is irrational.

A test: do you know how to disprove the claim that faith in God is irrational? And no, you can’t appeal to the Bible or your faith to prove your faith. Just using logic and philosophy, which are the languages of the “cranky atheist.” If not, then this book is definitely for you. As it was for me.

Too often we Christians are bombarded with so-called facts about of faith and how it is blind and not rational, therefore not for intelligent or thinking people. Atheists even call themselves “free thinkers” to bring home the point. We MUST learn to defend our beliefs using the language that the atheists use and not fall back to “I just do” arguments.

Our faith is perfectly rational and the most logical of all worldviews. We just need to be reminded why. Stokes does a great job of breaking this down for us. Highly recommended.

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