A Hopeful Heart by Amy Clipston

Hannah Glick, an Amish widow, is working at the local hotel when she meets wealthy businessman, Trey Peterson, who is a widower. A close friendship develops between the two and this leads to trouble for Hannah.

A Hopeful Heart
Amy Clipston
June 2013

A Hopeful Heart by Amy Clipston is a wonderful Amish story with a different twist than most Amish novels. Hannah Glick has been widowed for four years and has sixteen year old twin daughters and a six year old son. She works as a housekeeper at the local hotel and in an embarrassing situation, she meets Trey Peterson a wealthy businessman who lost his wife and daughter a year earlier. Her brother-in-law, Joshua, has loved Hannah since they were children and the desire of his heart is to become her husband and a father to her children. As Hannah and Trey continue to see each other regularly at the hotel they realize that they are beginning to feel more than just friendship for each other. Hannah has been Amish all her life and loves her community and family but she has always had dreams that can be fulfilled if she decides to leave the Amish community and marry an Englisher. Rumors about Hannah and Trey fly through the Amish community and Hannah must decide if she wants to remain Amish which would require that she kneel and repent before the entire church or if she wants to leave the faith and marry Trey.

Characters were so well developed that they became alive on the pages of the book and I felt as if I knew every one of them personally and that they were my friends. The plot line had a surprise or two that kept me guessing if Hannah would remain Amish or marry Trey. The author’s description of the farms with their houses, barns, animals, and buggies were so expertly done that I could clearly picture each one as I read about it.
The emotions of the main characters were so real that I was crying or laughing right along with them and I wanted to give the mother-in-law a good shaking. I really like the way that the author included Dietsch words throughout the story for in my opinion they add authenticity to the story. I really liked that this story was somewhat different than all the other Amish stories that I have read. Usually the problems happen to the community as a whole or to one of the characters but in this book the main character has to decide if she will stay in the Amish community or if she will marry an Englisher. I am sure there are other Amish books that deal with that problem but so far this is the first one I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great Amish story.

Deanna Love Gottreu is a 74 year old widow and the mother of two wonderful sons who share second place in her life – with God being in first place. She spends her time reading or making quilts for charity. Her book reviews can also be read on her blog at www.buzzardsroostcrafts.com/blog.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.