A Home in Drayton Valley by Sawyer

A story of hope, heart aches, disappointments, and love.

A Home in Drayton Valley
by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Bethany House
October 2012

Tarsie Raines and her friend Joss and Mary Brubacher with their two children leave 1880 New York for Kansas. Tarsie hopes to get her friend Mary to a warmer climate, Mary is sickly and conditions in New York are not helping her. They hook up with an unusual wagon train. All the members and the Wagon Master are black. Joss is very prejudice and is reluctant to follow a black man, but Mary’s pleas prevail and they set off. Tradegy strikes on the trail and Mary passes away from her illness. Before she dies she ask Tarsie to take care of her children and to love Joss and bring him to Lord. Tarsie promised Mary, but how can she love Joss – he is mean, prejudice and has a foul temper. However, she did promise Mary and she would try to honor Mary’s last wish. When the train arrives in Kansas, the wagon train goes on it way and Joss and Tarsie set out for Drayton Valley. Tarsie tells Joss about Mary’s dying wish and ask him to marry her. Joss is reluctant to do so, but he needs someone to care for the children so he agrees,

Life in Drayton Valley is hard for Tarsie. Joss isn’;t interested in her as a woman – he only wants her to take care of the children and him. Tarsie meets Ruth, a colored women, with three children. Her husband is the boss at the local winery where Joss is now employed. Ruth befriends Tarsie and she agrees to teach Ruth how to read. Joss is dead set against this and forbids her to teach Ruth. She ignores him and the entire town and continues to seek out Ruth.

Tarsie has come to the end of her rope. She is leaving Joss and the children. This is very hard on her as she loves the children as her own and to her surprise has fallen in love with Joss. Joss is arrested for stealing. and Tarsie is held captive by the men that are responsible for the theft.

A very interesting ending. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It will make you laugh, make you cry, you will experience the prejudice against the colored people, and you will pray that Tarsie finds the love and peace she so richly deserves.

Highly recommended.

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