A Different Dream for My Child by Jolene Philo

This is a very inspirational book. It’s for anyone dealing with any type of health issues with their children. Not just for those families who have terminal ill children. Having a child with medical issues this was a very touching and inspiring book. Granted I don’t face many of the challenges like the families in the book. I can relate to the the stories in many ways. Each child has their own challenges that are hard to deal with. We sometimes feel alone.

A Different Dream for My Child
by Jolene Philo
Discovery House
August 2009

I have spent countless hours in Dr. offices and hospitals and I don’t foresee an end to this for quite sometime. I needed the encouragement that this book had to offer. Having a child with disabilities can take you places you never knew existed both physically and emotionally. What we planned for the future of our child is different than God’s plan.

Each chapter begins with a Bible verse. Then each section is around 2-3 pages. They have personal stories from families that the author has interviewed or the authors personal experiences. The families talk about how they faced each challenge that came their way. You will cry and laugh. Only someone with a child with medical issues can truly understand what it is like to deal with a sick child. This book is for those parents, extended family, or even for someone who wants to help out the family. The chapters each touch on different challenges faced along this unique road of having a unique child. Each chapter ends with a prayer/meditation and questions to help the reader reflect on the issues at hand.

A child is still a blessing, no matter what the diagnosis is and this books reminds you of this. No matter how much we love our children, we recognize that they are ultimately God’s child, and we trust Him to the One who loves them more than we do. Our job is to take the best possible care of them while they are here on earth, then trust the Lord when it is time for them to go home with Jesus. Whether they go home to be with Jesus in childhood, teens, or as an adult they are gifts from God. We are here for a little time. He trusted the gift in our hands to care for.

If you know someone who has a child who is seriously ill, or with any type of disability- get this book into their hands. This book is like a lifeline.

Thank you, Jolene for sharing your amazing and inspiring story. I needed this book.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.