A Chance in the World by Pemberton

The true story of a young boy – age three – taken from his mother and placed in the clutches of a cruel foster home.

A Chance in the World
by Steve Pemberton
Thomas Nelson
January 2012

Steve cannot remember anything about his mother. He, however, hopes each day for her return to take him away from the horrible Robinsons. His young life is a living hell. The Robinsons, on the surface, seem to be a loving family, but people have never seen their dark side, Steve is forced to do chores, beaten daily by his foster father and nearly starved. He is a boy with great courage and determination. He will not let this family defeat him. He will someday find his family and everything will be all right.

Steve finds his only refuse in a box of books given to him by a kind stranger. He emerges himself in the books – discovers a world he can only imagine exists and dreams of finding his true home. He is a fair complexioned boy with blue eyes, an Afro, and a Polish name. Who is his father? What happened to his mother and his family? He dreams of finding them someday, If he does find them – will it be the happy reunion he so desperately wants it to be?

A Chance in the World is the unbelievable story of a wounded-abused-broken little boy who overcomes all odds and becomes a man of strength and determination.

Steve Pemberton is Divisional Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Walgreens.

I liked the book. Readers will weep with this broken little boy – you will feel each and every hit of the belt; his fears; his hunger. You will dream his dreams and pray he will find his family.

Highly recommended.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is an 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of the secular on top..

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.