2013 BookGateway.com Booky Awards

BookGateway.com is pleased to announce its books of the year award, the Bookys, for books published in 2013!

The Booky is awarded annually by the editors of BookGateway.com, a book review website for reviewers and book bloggers founded in 2010 with the express goal of encouraging a lifestyle of continued learning through the love and practice of reading. The Booky awards recognize the best books published and reviewed at BookGateway.com during the preceding year. Each reviewer that submits at least 10 reviews during the calendar year along with each Genre Editor of BookGateway.com can nominate books for Booky award recognition. Final decisions are made by the Managing Editor of BookGateway.com. All Booky award winners will be featured for a month starting in February at BookGateway.com.

Children’s & Teens Book of the Year:
Can’t Wait Willow
by Ziglar and Marten | Ideals Children’s Books | April 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “This book is genius! The story and the art are partly whimsy and partly lesson. And they work amazingly well together. I highly recommend this book to parents of kids up to 7 or 8 years old.”

by Philip | Tor | February 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “From start to finish I was hooked by this story and by this broken young boy who we all know is so much more than we find him. This is only the first book in the series and I’m in line to get the next two. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a fantasy author’s creation this much.”

The Harbinger
by Huntingford | Self Published | August 2013
From the review by The Golden Reviewer: “An unbelievable good book. This new writer has a vivid imagination that will delight and thrill you as you read this amazing book… I loved the book. It is full of mystery, courage, misplaced loyalty, a mother’s love and just plain good. This is truly a page turner and a keeper.”

Graphic Novels:
Messiah: Origin
by Dorff, Arey and Carpenter | Zondervan | November 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “The art is where this really shines. The illustrations are so powerful they are emotionally moving. Visually breathing new life in to the birth of Christ… I recommend it to anyone who loves the Word, loves art and may be looking for something truly different.’

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison
by Blackman and Alessio | Dark Horse | April 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “Ultimately, this is a story about Vader and how he becomes the monster hinted at in Episode III but fully realized in Episode IV. A fascinating and multifaceted portrayal that sheds light on the once hero, now villain, and one day to be redeemed right hand of the Emperor. Watching and learning from Lord Vader is the highlight of Tohm’s life – and of this book.”

Historical Fiction:
Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley
by Brownley | Thomas Nelson | October 2013
From the review by Deanna Love Gottreu: “The author did an excellent job in the development of the plot. There were many twists and turns that kept me guessing from page to page as to what would happen next. I don’t think I have ever read a novel in which the suspense kept me guessing until almost the very end of the book.”

Gods at War
by Idleman | Zondervan | February 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “Gods at War is a book that sheds light on a dark part of our lives that we have somehow kept hidden even while openly admitting to other sins. Idolatry just isn’t as well understood in our culture as other sins. We don’t understand how Idolatry is the heart of the other sins we fight against. But if we heed the words of this work we will understand it far too well; uncomfortably well. This book will change your life. If you let it.”

Love the Least of These (A Lot)
by Spielman | Loxafamosity Ministries Inc | January 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “Whether you are a Christian, Pro Choice, Pro Life, an Atheist or anything in between this book is one of the most clearly and concisely written primers on the Biblical argument against abortion.”

Romance & Chick Lit:
Traces of Mercy
by Landon, Jr. and Kelley | David C. Cook | October 2013
From the review by Deanna Love Gottreu: “All the characters were so well developed that they came alive for me… The fight scene at the beginning of the book was so well done that I could almost smell the smoke from all the guns and cannons. I especially liked the way the authors wove the love of God throughout the story.”

Science Fiction:
Star Wars: Scoundrels
by Timothy Zahn | LucasBooks & Randomhouse Audio | January 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “This is a great heist story that happens to take place in the Star Wars universe with characters we love written by one of the best Star Wars authors we have. A must have for fans and one of my favorite books of the year.”

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily a New Hope
by Ian Doescher | Quirk Books | July 2013
From the review by @ashertopia: “I can’t recommend this book high enough. It is perhaps my favorite book of the year, and possibly of several years.”

Thriller & Suspense:
The Shadow Constant
by Scudiere | Gryffin Ink | July 2013
From the review by Golden Reviewer: “Ms. Scudiere is an excellent writer. She brings her characters to life and you feel as if you are sharing their adventure and fears. Ms. Scudiere is one of my favorite authors…Looking forward to the next one with a lot of anticipation!”