You Where Made To Make a Difference by Max Lucado and Jenna Bishop

You Were Made to Make a Difference is about how God made you to make a difference. The title is kind of a give away right? The book was great and fascinating for mature people but I have this problem with sitting still unless something really interesting is going on. This book was kind of dull, just words on a page. It wasn’t special, in my opinion.

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Where Made To Make a Difference
by Max Lucado and Jenna Bishop
Thomas Nelson
September 2010

Some people who are really on top of their relationship with God might enjoy it and all but I didn’t and most middle-schoolers would not either. It has a lot of clips from the bible and metaphors but still was not on a really appealing topic. Parents want their kids to read this and believe it, but to kids my age this is a really uninteresting topic there is no adventure, story they have not heard, or romance. It tells the reader the story of Jesus Christ but any normal christian would have already heard it a million times. To be honest this the only book I have ever read or reviewed that I did not love.

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